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State Pahang

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During our shore tour from the ship we visited this small weaving centre, which had a single family working on the various gifts and exports of the local plants which are turned into nice little souvenirs.

The woman in the picture would dry out these plants, then strip them down using a knive into the proper size strip and then weave it into a hat, slippers, a purse of even a rug like in the picture.

The weaving craft is a dying art. There's lesser demands nowadays for the merchandise. And there is much lesser young people interested to learn the skill and continue the weaving legacy. If u are looking for corporate gifts or wedding gifts, they have really nice stuffs to offer. Contact Puan Murni at the numbers above custom made your order. And u are doing your part to help preserve our culture and heritage too
Address : Pusat Anyaman Mengkuang Cherating Budaya
Tel : 014 2126 099 / 017 2190 636 / 09 5819 290