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State Pahang

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The Seladang (bos gaurus hubbaki) captive-breeding centre in Jenderak is a sanctuary for the protection of the species. Occupying 20 hectares of land, the centre comprises 27 animal enclosures and paddocks. The Seladang is Malaysia's second largest mammal after the elephant. It has been confirmed by wildlife experts from the US and Europe to be bigger than the American bison, with the largest of the species and the average weight of a large bull about one tonne. Shy and sociable by nature, the Seladang used to roam freely in its rainforest habitat where it grazed uninhibited in the lowland river valleys. Nocturnal by habit, herds of up to 30 animals move in fixed territories. During the day when it is hot the Seladang would take refuge in the jungle and only venture out to graze after dark. At Jenderak, the Seladang is fed natural vegetation, gathered from surrounding forest while the sambar deer grazes on paddock grasses. Both the Seladang and sambar deer are given 'salt licks' and mineral pellets to supplement their diet.
The park is located 25km from Temerloh town.

Mondays to Fridays 8.15am to 4.30pm

By Road : From Kuala Lumpur take the Karak Highway to Temerloh. Exit at the Temerloh toll exit, turn right and follow the road directions to Kuala Krau
Site Ranger Contact:

Jenderak Seladang Breeding Centre
Kuala Krau, 28000 Pahang.
Tel : +6 09-276 2593
Source: Pahang Trekker